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I’m Kristi and you better believe I’m pretty tickled you’ve dropped in.

My journey into the world of science, nutrition, human health, and everything of the sorts began at a very young age. Growing up, my summers were spent working in my family’s health food store. I tried my best at the age of 13 to understand what each vitamin and mineral did in the body, and why on earth people were spending $100’s of dollars on bottles of little white pills that would last them 30 days.

I set down on a path into naturopathic medicine, later to realize it just wasn’t for me - research was for me. But not research in the traditional sense of academia. I had developed a passion for deciphering what scientists were relaying through their rather complicated publications, and found it becoming easier and easier to understand. I decided I wanted to be a voice in the science community - I mean, what’s the use of all this great science if no one can understand it!

When I came across the ketogenic diet it was like all the stars aligned. With a history of experimenting with every style of eating under the sun, an obvious passion for food and nutrition, and a knack for understanding scientific literature, I was destined for this career path. The ketogenic diet was something I could try for myself, it involved food (bonus), there was REAL science to back it up, and it had a great track record of saving people’s lives. Most importantly, it was a clear example of food as medicine.


Today I call myself a science writer. I focus on ketogenic nutrition and metabolic therapies. I work with some of the top scientists in the field, I write for professional supplement companies, I have authored a chapter in a book, and I am helping develop a lifestyle program for clinical and medical use.

I never stop learning, and I never want to. That’s why I have created this platform - to showcase my work, to post science I find interesting, and hopefully inspire someone to take nutrition into their own hands. What we put in our mouth is one of the hardest and yet easiest things to control that either sets us up for success or failure later in life.

I truly believe understanding why you make a lifestyle change dictates how well it sticks with you, and that’s why I’m here.